What is the BioBox® ?

The BioBox® is a compact treatment plant sewage, natural and odorless for waste water following the French and International rejection standards. Completely independent thanks to it PLC program, the Biobox® require just a very little assistance. Available for purchase and rental, it is perfectly adapted for the dense and isolated habitat as main equipment. It is also a main solution or perfect complement for the treatment of lives bases and areas subject to seasonal variations. Fully containerized the BioBox® is a compact, mobile and robust tool thanks to its warranty tank. Economic whether to use or transport (UN Format), it generally requires a very little maintenance.

Modélisation d'un Biobox 40 pieds sous SolidWorks

A plug-and-play plant

Livraison d'un Biobox 40 pieds

The Biobox® is 100% plug-and-play. Coming as a 20 or 40 foot container, each Biobox® can be very easily transported at low cost. The installation requires no civil works other than a simple slab. off-load it, connect the pipework, hook up the electricity supply and your sewage plant is operational. The integrated programmable controller makes each Biobox® fully autonomous. With your Biobox®, no need to hire specialized technicians. Your plant automatically adjusts to widely varying inflows.


The modular design makes it possible to hook up several Biobox® to obtain just the right capacity for your situation.


Biobox® provides a primary treatment solution for small communities and factories as a cost-effective extension to existing plants.


We tailor your Biobox® to suit your needs : notifications by e-mail, GSM, custom programmable controller, sludge treatment, personalized color scheme.

Why choose the Biobox® ?

Whose is destined the BioBox® ?

The BioBox® adapts to your specific requests !

Biobox® in few numbers

Le Biobox en quelques chiffres

A natural biological treatment

The Biobox® is a Sequential batch reactor (SBR). The process is entirely biological with no chemical additives. It ensures a consistent high quality treatment with no external intervention.

Principe de fonctionnement

BioBox® capacity

Capacité du Biobox

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